About Us

Saree Stories by Midhila is a home-grown fashion brand, started by Midhila in 2020. Since then, it has become synonymous with ethnic wear in India. Saree Stories by Midhila’s journey so far has been nothing but momentous and incredible, and the story behind the brand is as awe-inspiring as the woman who created it.

Midhila Michael, founder and creator of Saree Stories by Midhila is a designer who has a passion to explore unique and ethnic fashion. She has been in online boutique business from the year 2016. She is on a constant look out for innovative ideas in her designs. Her strength lies in making simple, still elegant designs for daily use, especially for working women. Her quest for getting better everyday trickles down in the designs of Saree Stories by Midhila. Also, Midhila’s attempt is to offer an easy to use shopping platform and an unforgettable shopping experience for the fashion enthusiasts.